About us

TORAKOL is a leading company in Poland specialising in installing sports and usable surfaces.

For more than 10 years we have been constructing sports facilities such as football pitches made of artificial turf, acrylic, grass and PU tennis courts, athletic tracks and multisport pitches.

Moreover, we have vast experience in all types of surfaces such as wooden sports and usable floors and resin flooring.

Since 2007 we have delivered surfaces for over 300 sports facilities, mainly for Orlik project pitches.

We also have an offer for landscape architects and private investors: installation of surfaces such as gravel-epoxy garden and park paths and landscape artificial turf.

For our projects we use materials of top sports surfaces manufacturers exclusively:


TORAKOL’S mission is to supply and construct sports and usable areas meeting the highest world standards as regards functional parameters (e.g. FIFA certificates) and which ensure full safety for users.

It is our main concern that the users fully enjoy our sports and recreational facilities.

We believe that the end users’ satisfaction will bring notable benefits and will be a sign of success for an investor constructing the facilities.

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