23 May 2018

FIFA Quality Pro field in Ożarów Mazowiecki

The full-size pitch that was built by our company passed FIFA Quality Pro field test and now it is first certified pitch in Ożarów Mazowiecki
4 November 2016

Multisport pitch in Zdunska Wola

In November 2016 we finished construction of multisport pitch with surroundings and entry road of paving bricks in school in Zdunska Wola.
4 November 2016

The longest PU running track in Poland – Łódź Zdrowie Park 2km

In October 2016 we finished the longest PU track in Poland that has 2 km length.
1 November 2016

Walking and cycling paths made of stone and PU – Arturówek Łódź

In September 2016 we finished a project with walking and cycling paths made in EPUSTONE technology...
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