PU surfaces – Athletic tracks

PU surfaces – Multisport pitches
5 November 2016
Tennis courts
5 November 2016
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PU surfaces – Athletic tracks

Another group of products are those strictly designated for athletic tracks, spike resistant and ensuring highest performance for runners. These are products such as EPUFLOOR BSW, BM or BM1.

First type of tartan is a „Sandwich” type surface, e.g. EPUFLOOR BSW. It is a Surface for athletic tracks in schools and smaller clubs mostly for training purposes. It consists of bottom SBR layer and upper layer laid from PU and EPDM. It is an impermeable surface with IAAF certificate.

Second type is the so-called full PU system applied on professional athletic stadiums ensuring highest performance for athletes. Its features include the highest wear resistance, spike resistance and it gives the best energy return for runners, which results in highest sports performance. It is an impermeable surface with IAAF certificate. It is laid directly on the construction site on a concrete or asphalt.

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