Artificial turf – For football

Artificial turf – For multifunctional surfaces
5 November 2016
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Artificial turf – For football


Nowadays, the best solution for football practice facilities is artificial turf. Its main advantage, in comparison to natural grass, is its weekly durability.

Natural grass, if it is to retain its features, can be used maximally 3 hours per week whereas there is no such limitation for artificial grass as it can be used up to more than ten hours daily. This is the case of all Orlik type pitches or practice pitches in football clubs. Whereas matches on stadiums are usually played on natural grass, all football practices and trainings are held on artificial grass.

Technology of artificial turf manufacturing in the last 30 years, FIFA’s requirements and manufacturers’ licensing led to the development of highest quality products offering the comfort of playing like on natural grass.

TORAKOL offers artificial turf from biggest world manufacturers DOMO Sports Grass, EPUFLOOR Grass, Pe-Ba, CCGrass. Depending on the purpose and client’s requirements, we select a product that meets all the criteria.

Depending on the purpose, we offer the following kinds of turf:
  • for school and public utility football pitches – turf meeting the FIFA Manual requirements and laboratory tested
  • for football clubs and training pitches – turf with FIFA Quality certificate (formerly FIFA 1 Star)
  • for training pitches and stadiums for national and international matches - turf with FIFA Quality Pro certificate (formerly FIFA 2 Star)

Artificial turf can also be used on rugby and American football pitches (with IRB test). In contrast to football turf, it has a height of at least 65mm and has a filling which absorbs falls better.

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