Artificial turf – For multifunctional surfaces

Artificial turf – For football
5 November 2016
PU surfaces – Multisport pitches
5 November 2016
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Artificial turf – For multifunctional surfaces

We also offer tennis and multisport turfs which are short, very dense and covered only with sand. Their height ranges from 12 to 25mm and depending on their purpose they might have different density. Their main advantage is better ball bouncing, thanks to which basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis can be played on them.

Tennis turfs are tested according to ITF standards and have ITF certificates. They may, therefore, be used as tennis surfaces in sports clubs as well as in schools and on private tennis courts. The main advantage over clay surfaces is its minimal maintenance. Clay courts must all the time be combed, rolled and moistened whereas turf needs to be occasionally combed and maintenance works need to be done twice a year. Besides, one can play on it even straight after rain, which is not possible in case of clay surface. Therefore, artificial tennis turf is the best solution for recreational facilities.

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