PU surfaces – Multisport pitches

Artificial turf – For multifunctional surfaces
5 November 2016
PU surfaces – Athletic tracks
5 November 2016
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PU surfaces – Multisport pitches

The surface most frequently used on pitches is a water permeable surface laid with paving machine type 7mm SBR +7 mm EPDM e.g. EPUFLOOR BP or 14mm EPDM e.g. EPUFLOOR BP1. The main advantage is dense and flat structure, perfect on pitches as regards grip and bounce of a ball, especially tennis ball.

Another type of surface that can be used both on pitches and on athletic tracks is a PU spray-type surface with fine-grained EPDM laid by spray method onto the bottom layer made of SBR granulated bind with PU. Its main advantage is a low price, permeability and spike resistance, thanks to which it can be applied on running tracks. It has, however, a porous structure which improves grip but affects bouncing of small balls, especially tennis balls.

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