Sports facilities gallery

Sports grounds with a running track at the Salesian School in Łódź

At the Salesian School in Łódź at ul. Wodna we have built a very functional sports complex for school students, which included a sports ground for football with grass, a field for handball, basketball, volleyball and a straight treadmill.

Sports and recreation center in Sztum

Football field, tennis courts, 3x3 basketball court, tennis wall, outdoor gym, playground, access roads and pavement paths.

Sports fields with stands, construction structures, traffic town in Włocławek

We have built in Włocławek a new sports and educational facility in the area of ​​which there is a traffic road with lighting and road marking, a handball field with footballs and stands, basketball and volleyball court, four-track straight track 100m, outdoor gym, reinforced concrete building constructions strengthening the area.

Multifunctional pitch in Zabrze

The pitch was made of polyurethane surface

Playground in Wągrowiec

The playground was made of a safe surface EPUFLOOR PG

Treadmill and sports fields at SP No. 5 and the Academic School Complex in Piekary Śląskie

In Piekary Śląskie, we have built sports facilities in two track locations at the Academic School Complex and a multi-functional playground at the Primary School No. 5.

Okzhetpes football stadium in Kokshetau (Kokczetaw) in Kazakhstan

We have built a football pitch at the football stadium in Kokczetawa in Kazakhstan in a consortium with NewFloor.

Athletics Stadium in Nonthaburi and athletics track at Udon Thani in Thailand

In cooperation with our supplier, EPUFLOOR Sp. z o.o., we were able to complete the track construction of two athletics stadiums in Thailand. The first one with a blue "sandwich" type surface is located in Nonthaburi. The second one with a brick-colored surface is in Udon Thani. Even such exotic ideas are not strange to us and we are able to fulfill every most demanding order.

Sports fields in the Boruta Zgierz club

We have built two sports fields and we are in the process of building the third pitch. The first one is a field of artificial grass (CCGrass Nature D3 32mm) on a shock pad flexible foam base. The second one is a multipurpose field laid with a paver finisher in the EPUFLOOR BP system.

Playground in Poznan - safe surface

The safe polyurethane surface was made directly on the playground in Rataje Park in Poznań.

Athletics track in Gdynia

Athletic track at School Complex No. 15 in Gdynia, ul. Jupiter.

FIFA certified soccer full size pitch in Ożarów Mazowiecki

FIFA certified soccer full size pitch in Ożarów Mazowiecki

Full-size pitch in Ożarów Mazowiecki built by our company was certified for FIFA Quality Pro. This certificate proves the top quality of installed turf and installation. FIFA Quality Pro certificate allows for matches and trainings on world class level.

Outdoor gym with polyurethane-stone surface Stawy Stefańskiego Łódź

Outdoor gym with polyurethane-stone surface Stawy Stefańskiego Łódź

Outdoor gym with surface technology named EPUSTONE- stone granules with fraction close to gravel, mixed with special polyurethane binder which is made for stones. This surface was also used under ping pong tables, bicycle stands and cloakroom.

Sports facilities and playgrounds near school in Wrocław at Towarowa street.

Building of sports facilities and playgrounds near school-kindergarten camp at Towarowa street in Wrocław.

We built sport facilities near newly constructed school-kindergarten camp at Towarowa Street in Wrocław, which consist of playground, running tracks, multisport playing field and artificial football field.

Sport facilities and playgrounds near school in Wrocław, Kłodzka street.

Building of Sport facilities and playgrounds near school in Wrocław, Kłodzka street

We built sport facilities near newly constructed school-kindergarten camp at Kłodzka Street in Wrocław, which include 2 playgrounds, running track, long jump track, climbing wall, football field, handball and basketball field.

Sports and recreation complex in Poznań

Building of sports and recreation complex in Poznań at Majakowskiego Street

We built sports-recreation complex at single-family house camp in Poznań near Majakowskiego Street, which includes polyurethane handball field, two basketball fields and playground with equipped and fenced outside gym.

Playground Aleksandrów Łódzki

Building of playground at city park in Aleksandrów Łódzki

We built playground at city park in w Aleksandrów Łódzki using seamless and safe surface EPUFLOOR PG which was layed on construction site applying paver. Surface ensures the safe height fall for kids.

Playground Foundation Dom w Łodzi

Building of playground by Foundation Dom w Łodzi

We built playground near Foundation Dom w Łodzi using special EPUFLOOR RUBBER plates with safe fall HIC certificate.

Multisport field with running track, long jump track and outdoor gym in Łódź

Building of multisport field, running track, long jump track and indoor gym near primary school nr. 65 in Łódź.

We finished building of multifunctional field for handball, volleyball and basketball; running and long jump track; outdoor gym

Multisport field near school in Kazimierz

Building of multisport field near school in city Kazimierz, Lutomiersk community

Our firm built multisport field for basketball, volleyball and tennis which includes fence and renewable energy based illumination (pv panels and wind turbines) close to the primary school in city Kazimierz at Lutomiersk community near city of Łódź.

Playground and outdoor gym in city Lubawa

Building of playground with fence and equipment in Lubawa city.

We finished the building of playground with equipment, fence and decoration logotypes Isabella and cittaslow inside the fence. Playground is a nice recreation and rest place for the inhabitants of neighborhood estate.

Football field in Jastrzębia Góra

Building of football field near school in city of Jastrzębia Góra

We built the football field for kids and youth near school in city Jastrzębia Góra, Władysławowo Community. The field is covered with 40mm artificial turf that is filled with rubber granules SBR in order to provide amortization and safety.

Artificial landscape turf Warszawa

Installation of artificial turf near garden’s pool in Warsaw

We installed artificial landscaping turf EPUFLOOR Breeze around the garden’s pool near residence in Warsaw. Turf is nice alternative to plates; it is slip-proof and keeps the mud and grass away the pool. Additionally it is comfortable to lounge on this turf.

Multisport pitch in Zdunska Wola

Construction of multisport pitch with surroundings and entry road of paving bricks in school in Zdunska Wola.

In November 2016 we finished construction of multisport pitch with surroundings and entry road of paving bricks in school in Zdunska Wola. On the pitch we applied an EPUFLOOR BP 7mm + 7mm layers. This type of surface is water permeable and it is installed by paving machine directly on the pitch.

The longest PU running track in Poland – Łódź Zdrowie Park 2km

The longest PU running track in Poland that has a length of 2km is located in Lodz in Zdrowie Park.

Track is made in EPUFLOOR BSC spray technology. The bottom insitu layer was made by the only one paver available in Poland that has a 1m working width. (running track has 1m width). Runinng track is closed into a loop, so each lap gives a distance of 2km. It is very popular and gives an opportunity of training long distance runs to anyone on the professional surface inside the park.

Walking and cycling paths made of stone and PU – Arturówek Łódź

Project of walking and cycling paths made of decorative stone/gravel binded with dedicated for stone PU binder in Lodz in Arturówek.

Paths were made in two colours, which is a colour of used stone. They are very smooth and plain – perfect for cycling and roller skating. There are no bevels as in paving bricks so they are very silent (skate wheels do not make noise). Additionally EPUSTONE paths are water permeable and have natural look in forest landscape of recreational area of Arturówek.

Multisport pitch at school in Zgierz

In August 2016 we finished a construction of multisport pitch at school in Zgierz.

Football pitches and Orlik pitches

Torakol company during 6 years delivered surfaces for many football pitches located at schools and Orlik pitches.

Tennis courts

We built many tenis courts for private and public investment.
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